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Famous Inventor Announces New Software

San Francisco, California, September 2, 2005 - August Deveraux, III announced iPimp, a revolutionary piece of software that will change the pimping industry, and more importantly, the world.

Speaking at an industry luncheon comprised of press, senior citizens and prostitutes, Deveraux spoke at great length about his new software venture. "For many years man has struggled with important issues, philosophical issues, issues that he just didn't understand. Well we don't claim we can answer all of your questions, but with iPimp, most of them will be."

Deveraux, veteran of numerous failed business ventures and recovering alcoholic, believes he has struck gold with iPimp.

"iPimp was something I came up with in my sleep a few years ago and since then we've worked hard to make it a reality. We owe it to hookers and pimps every where who are still working in the dark ages." With offices in Biloxi Mississippi and Penngrove California, it's multinational, mostly english-speaking work force churns out new features and products almost daily.

"Believe me, we've got the best people money can buy. They work tirelessly with little food or water to make sure that we deliver a product that exceeds everyones expectations."

While entering a competitive field including such stalwarts as Cumcast, MicroHo and Orifice, Deveraux is positively guidy about iPimp's chances.

"Granted, it's hard to meet expectations, especially when you don't even know what your expectations are. My competitors haven proven that time and time again. But it just so happens we anticipated what your expectations would be, and they were co-incidentally my expectations, and boy did we deliver. I'm happy with it, and I know you'll be happy with it too. Don't be fooled by the competitors that say their product is better, faster and prettier. iPimp is better, faster and prettier than theirs, and I know. Would someone who dresses like me create anything less?"

About iPimp
iPimp is a revolutionary software company that provides products and services for the pimping business. iPimp brings a level efficiency, accountability and profitability previously unheard of. Relying on traditional business principals born and refined in the most successful corporate boardrooms, iPimp takes hooking to a whole new level, and brings the worlds oldest profession in the 21st century.

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