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Major Airline Joins iPimp Family

San Francisco, California, September 30, 2006 - iPimp is both pleased and excited to announce a new partnership with Braniff Airlines.

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, the recently revitalized airline will continue to maintain it's colorful Latin image while iPimp plays a part in Braniff's return to profitability. But, how did all this happen?

Entrepreneur and socialite Jorge Weintrout purchased Braniff's remaining assets and patents off eBay in early 2002. Leveraging a background in pork futures and a wealthy mother, Weintrout immediately and single-handedly (Weintrout lost of one of his arms while performing a proctology exam on a swine) resurrected the airline which plans a lift off in the fall of 2006, with Las Vegas as its primary hub.

In a memo to his mother, Weintrout wrote. "We are muy please to have this marriage with iPimp. They have nice synergy with us. I like bright colors. They like bright colors." While his mother couldn't be reached for comment, iPimp also believes colors are crucial to success, and that the fruits (particularly those with bright colors) of this partnership will have a profound effect on the pimping and airline industries.

So how will Braniff flights be different? Just add a little iPimp and mix.

For starters, Braniff flight attendants will be specially trained to meet the special needs of their passengers. Using a full color, interactive touch screen on the headrest in front of them, passengers can fill out a questionnaire and be immediately matched with the appropriate attendant. Once a rendezvous has been scheduled, they can choose to meet in the traditional lavatory or in the newly renovated Carnal Lounge located near the back of the plane. And that of course this is just the beginning!

But putting all this together though wasn't easy. iPimp and Braniff worked long and hard putting this deal together. The parnership required buy in not only from the FAA but Homeland Security and FLAP (Flight Attendants Against Prostitutes) as well. But like any difficult endeavor that is worth it.. it was worth it.

About Braniff Airlines
Braniff Airlines (NASD: BKRPT) was born out of an idea – that idea being that since most airlines lose luggage, this airline would not accept checked bags at all.  Cargo space in the airline’s fleet of B707’s was magically transformed into recreational areas suited to the destination of its travelers.  The airline was founded on April 1, 1977 and has been in bankruptcy since April 4th of the same year.

About iPimp
iPimp is a revolutionary software company that provides products and services for the pimping business. iPimp brings a level efficiency, accountability and profitability previously unheard of. Relying on traditional business principals born and refined in the most successful corporate boardrooms, iPimp takes hooking to a whole new level, and brings the worlds oldest profession in the 21st century.

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