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iPimp LiteAnother new service recently rolled out is iPimp Lite, for the entrepreneurial hooker, the freelancer.

Following the traditional pimp-ho-client model, iPimp Lite carries many of the same features as iPimp but with a focus on the growing freelancer market. It integrates easily with existing websites or can create one from scratch, no programming skills required! iPimp Lite also provides online calendar and scheduling functionality that can be exposed to both client and freelancer making it fast and easy to setup that special rendezvous.

And now with PayPimp integration, iPimp Lite is even more powerful! No more flounders, rubles or personal checks as payment. iPimp can now accept the world’s favorite currency, credit cards. For only a small monthly fee,  freelancers can work exclusively from home, and with a broadband connection placed conveniently near the bed, clients can run cards through pre or post coitus. It takes a lot of pressure off the client from having to visit an ATM or purchase a money order before dropping by.

Now freelancers can now put the fun back into hooking, letting iPimp Lite handle the business end, and letting them handle the client's end.

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