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Pik Yo HoIt can be very frustrating finding a suitable hooker. There are so many variables with regards to interests and needs that it can be extraordinarily difficult to find a match, particularly at 3am on a Saturday night. In the end either the hooker or the client has to settle, and neither are as fully satisfied as they could be.  Invariably this can impact customer satisfaction and the bottom line.

iPimp’s Pick Yo Ho system reduces that risk. Relying on complex algorithms and fuzzy logic, Pick Yo Ho provides sophisticated analysis matching the right “ho” with the right client. Pick Yo Ho accommodates all geographies, every financial status and of course every fetish (both documented and not).

After completing an extensive sexual and financial survey, the client is presented a long list of suitable hookers either by computer, fax or phone. And in conjunction with You’ve Got Johns the client can set up appointments almost immediately.

Pick Yo Ho is also smart enough to accommodate changes in societal norms, as what’s unacceptable today, may be totally encouraged tomorrow. Or it may simply be preferring blondes to brunettes on Thursdays. Just go online and make do a custom real-time search of hookers in your area to suit your needs at that moment.

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