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You've Got JohnsAttracting clients has always been an inefficient process. Either a pimp sets up the appointments via the regular contacts or the hookers rendezvous with new clients in the field. Unfortunately these methods don’t provide much opportunity for growing the client base. The end result is hookers hook the same people over and over; and it also exposes some degree of risk as hookers may fail to report the balance of their earnings and pocket a percentage without the pimp’s knowledge. This leads to reduced efficiency and profits, not to mention an angry pimp.

To help combat this uncertainty and inefficiency iPimp introduced You’ve Got Johns (YGJ). Leveraging the same technology that allows you to chat online with your mother in Muskogee, YGJ decreases that all-important time between “Point of Contact” and “Point of Entry” which is so crucial in maximizing customers served and netting profits. A completely automated system, YGJ allows new and regular customers to set up appointments in real time via phone, fax, computer or Morse code. Using a sophisticated algorithm to match clients with hookers, clients and their particular needs can be served in a timely manner. It also provides statistics and trend forecasting to better manage the business.

Each hooker is equipped with a smart phone or PDA, which notifies him or her immediately when they have a new client. Appointments can be set up weeks in advance and reminders can be triggered before the next client walks through the door. It also provides Calendar and To-Dos functionality. allowing your employees to go straight from client to gynecological exam without missing a beat.

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