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B. F. Wang, Pimp and Wealthy Restauranteur

We at iPimp wholeheartedly believe that in America, dreams can come true. What more fitting a testament to this belief than B. F. Wang, who came to America in search of a dream. An avid iPimp user he may be, but that was not always so. "I got tired of slinging chow mein at my Mom and Dad's restaurant and wanted something more," he said in a recent interview. It was then that he discovered iPimp and began to build his empire somewhere in the American Midwest.

Geography plays an important role in his business, as there can be literally dozens of miles between client and service-provider. But with iPimp managing a massive workforce and linking client needs to appropriate solutions, it's not an issue. Imagine the life he would have had if he remained in Hong Kong! He came to America with a dream (and likely on a boat) and now rules an empire filled with luxury, house servants and the undying gratitude of middle America.

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