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Butch Tiffany Jr., Hooker and Out-of-work Wine Taster

With come hither eyes and the stamina of a raging stallion, Butch Tiffany and his trusted sidekick Cassidy tear up the moist San Francisco nights. "It’s a decadent and tawdry place," says Butch, sipping a dry martini from his luxurious highrise in the Mission, "But iPimp makes it easy sooooo easy to plunder."

An active iPimp user, Butch beta tests many of our new features before they come to market. "These iPimp guys... they think of everything. I don't even have to leave the apartment anymore. Work comes to me. Every whim is catered to, every trick too. iPimp just lets you kick back, and enjoy the ride."

Butch even tested some of features that never made it to market. "I remember this one time, they had this idea that looked great on paper. But when the bear showed up in a tutu twirling a riding crop, I had to show him, and the feature the door."

While not every feature is a winner, Butch Tiffany certainly is... and a proud member of the iPimp family!

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