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Cranberry DeLite, Hooker & Part-time Cruise Director

The life of a logger is a difficult one, and the life of logger's daughter, doubly so. One of those nearly forgotten daughters, Cranberry DeLite, is now anything but forgotten, thanks to iPimp.

Nestled between a quarry and a wild life preserve, Ms. DeLite makes a modest living in a nondescript trailer park in Omaha. Between clients she reads through her "Do You Smoke Too Much?" pamphlet while puffing vigorously on Marlboros.

Hers has hardly been a life of luxury and glamour, moving from town to town as trees and other shrubbery dried up. "When the greens gone, time to move on, is what daddy used to say." Ms. DeLite said in a recent interview in the Omaha Picayune.

"Was never much green in Momma's purse neither." Ms. DeLite recalled. She lit up another cigarette. "Cutting down timber is an honest living, but its hard, hard work." It was then that the young Ms. DeLight decided she could nologer sit idlely by and started bringing home some bacon of her own.

"Momma knew I was working to help the family; and I know she appreciated it in her own way." But did Momma know the lengths Ms. DeLite would go to ensure that the bacon was both tasty and plentiful? "I think she knew," Ms. DeLite said between puffs. “You learn real quick that you have to do what you have to do.”

Now twice divorced and raising children of her own, she balances a life of family and work and is as happy as she has ever been, all thanks to iPimp.

Using iPimp’s patented You’ve Got Johns feature, Cranberry is never more than an arm's length from a steady stream of revenue. Before iPimp, she’d spend hours prospecting for business – from street corners to bowling alleys – always looking for that next client.

But it wasn't until she joined Hookers United for the Handicapped (HUH) that she realized the full potential that iPimp’s plethora of features had to offer. It was also at that time that she realized why SSI is so vital to the economy.

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