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Hamish McKuen, Customer and Visiting Horticulturalist

Avid sportsman and grounds keeper, Hamish McKuen visits the states as often as he is able. But it’s not American football or the unruly thistle that decorates our southern borders that keeps bringing him back year after year; it’s the bountiful and plentiful shagging he enjoys thanks to iPimp.

Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, and a lover of all things natural and green, Mr. McKuen simply can’t get enough when he’s stateside. "I’m luvin' it," he repeats over and over as recounts his many and varied conquests.

But Mr. McKuen is quick to point out however that he simply couldn’t have managed it without iPimp; a chronic and somewhat inconvenient flatulence problem makes meeting people difficult. But with iPimp, not only can he cross reference based on medical condition; he can also narrow his search down to those who fancy tartan and boiled potatoes.

"iPimp. My Savior. My Salvation. Found it online. Loved it ever since."

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