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Korean House Boy

Hailing from the mountains of central South Korea, our beloved Korean Houseboy recants his early years and dreams of coming to America.

“나는 미국에 오고 싶지 않았다.”

Then everything changed when he read an ad advertising an opportunity to work and live in America.

“신문은 나쁘다. 신문은 속였다.”

Little did he realize that the ad to which he responded was a guise and that by accepting this offer of employment he was in fact signing a contract to enter into a life of indentured servitude.

“나는 그를 미워한다. 나는 노예 이다. 그는 나쁘다.  그는 냄새 나는 몸이 있는다.”

Not one to complain, this dedicated Korean Houseboy has made proverbial lemonade out of proverbial lemons and strives to live up to his end of the contract in the hope of eventually pursuing the American Dream.

“나는 미국을 미워한다. 나는 집으로 가고 싶는다!”

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