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Isaac Perez, Co-founder Los Angeles Pimp Cartel

Being born into a Catholic-Jewish family is not always easy and for Isaac Perez (formerly Isaac de Jesus Ezekiel Perez) this became evident when the level of guilt he felt every hour of every day finally got the better of him.

“No matter what I did, said or thought, there was a reason to feel guilty,” Perez recalls.  “Ultimately, I felt guilty about things I hadn’t even thought of.”

From this pressure sprang a realization for Perez.  “Since I am going to feel guilty anyway, why not just do it?  This was my attitude and that’s when I discovered pimping,” he states.

Living and operating his new business in a marketplace like Los Angles presented many challenges for Perez as he struggled to build a workforce and client base.  “The competition was fierce,” he recalls.

But that changed after Perez saw a movie… 

“I went to see ‘The Godfather’ and then it hit me – knock off all of the other pimps, preferably while I am at a baptism or bar mitzvah and I can run the whole show.” 

It was at a bris that Perez met the woman that would ultimately join him in his desire to create the largest pimp cartel in the nation – Julia Stein – and the rest is history.

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