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Julia Stein, Co-founder Los Angeles Pimp Cartel

Julia Stein, whose maiden name is Stein, lived a relatively charmed life in Encino, California.  The daughter of a wealthy attorney who married his cleaning lady, Stein’s memories of childhood are positive.

“I thought that Jaguar was an economy car and filet mignon was fast food,” Stein said.

Like so many in her position, Stein yearned for more.  “I needed an identity,” she remembers.  “I can recall sitting with my shrink at age 7 telling her that I really needed to break free and make a name for myself.”

It was then that Stein made a decision.  She left her upper class neighborhood and took the bus to a part of the San Fernando Valley that she describes as “very interesting.”

“I hopped on the RTD and went to Panorama City and what an adventure that was.”

That bus ride would cement for Stein her determination as to what she needed to do to stand apart and make a name for herself in the world.

“I got off the bus and saw these women standing on a corner.  I had never seen anything like it.  They wore colorful clothing and cars would pull up, hand them money and they would get in the car.  Five minutes later, they would return.  It was like ‘wash, rinse, and repeat’ and I knew that was the life for me.”

It was at a bris that Stein met the man that would ultimately form the largest pimp cartel in the nation – Isaac Perez – and the rest is history.

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