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Miriam Bostich, Paid Endorser

“As a little girl in Boston I never knew that someday I’d grow up to become the world’s most highly sought paid endorser,” recalls Miriam Bostich.  “Think about it…  I get paid to promote ‘insert product name here’!”

Indeed, Bostich has enjoyed a career of promoting products ranging from knives to food processors to home pregnancy test kits.  But it was iPimp that really intrigued her.

“When I was approached by the marketing department at iPimp, I was intrigued,” she says.

Connecting people with products that they don’t know they need is her philosophy and she has introduced the world to a veritable plethora of items over the years.  Bostich is proud of this record.  “If you want to see everything I have convinced people to buy over the past 15 years, just visit any Goodwill store – their shelves are loaded with these products.”

But what makes Bostich so special is her ability to take the same presentation and simply insert the name of the featured product and make it sound heartfelt and most of all believable.

“If you compare my paid endorsement of iPimp to my paid endorsement of the Rainco ‘Robotic Dog Walker®,’ you’ll see that the two spots are identical,” she states.  “Once I figured out that every product ever sold basically fulfills the needs, wants and desires of our consumer-focused society, I found I could work less and charge more.”

And what does she really think about iPimp?

“iPimp, just like the Plugco ‘Robotic Toilet Plunger®’ that I endorsed 5 years ago, has changed my life!”

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